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Animation/Cinematography Demo Reel

Free download Animation/Cinematography Demo Reel video and edit with RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio video editor online and AudioStudio audio editor onlin

This is the free video Animation/Cinematography Demo Reel that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video Animation/Cinematography Demo Reel.

Link to my portfolio website:

This demo reel features some of my best and most polished work from my time at Southern Illinois University.

The first animation was made in Autodesk Maya and Adobe After Effects. For this project, I did the coneptualizing, fully rigged the character model (which was downloaded from an online source), keyframe animated, set up lighting, set up the background which is actually a huge dome, and set up the cameras and animated their movement. Then I brought it into After Effects and created the shadow and other sword effects, and added sound effects and music for sound design. This clip demonstrates many of the skills I have learned during my time at school, including cinematography and animating.

The second 3D animation was also done in Autodesk Maya, and the models were also downloaded from an online source. The purpose of this exercise was to demonstrate weight and timing using keyframe animation.

There are two separate videos that I used from my time at WSIU Public Broadcasting. The first is from an unaired pilot. I was a line producer and did some of the camerawork for the episode.
The second is from the WSIU series "Hi-Q", which is a gameshow filmed in the studio. My contribution was operating the jib camera, which is kind of like a small crane-operated camera. These two videos prove my experience with videography and shot framing.

The last clip is a from a project for a sound design class, where we were tasked with using a clip from a movie and removing the audio and comepletely recreating the sound design. The voice over and some of the sounds were recorded by myself, and some were foley clips found online. This clip demonstrates my ability to record sound and create sound design.

This Demo reel was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

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