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Andrew Cook Technical Animation Reel 2019

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Technical reel showcasing rigging and skinning for characters and creatures, with some scripting in there too.

0:03 Animation Overlap Script: written in Maxscript to simulate overlap of either position or rotation for selected controls. Has instant effect, without waiting for redraw, and can loop specific time ranges. Bakes simulation on an independent controller layer so as to not destroy the base animation of the controller, and when satisfied there is the ability to collapse the animation down to the Zero layer.

0:13 Facial Rig/Skin showcase: Showcases male and female facial rig, skin, and animation. Bone based, face rig. Ears of the elf man use the overlap script.

0:25 Full body Rig showcase: Shows a number of full body rigs created for Crowfall. Skirts and other hanging bits are ready for simulation, skinned to 4 bone influences maximum for game implementation. Driven keys for Tails and fingers. Lady in the dress (Woodelf, from Crowfall) uses cloth sim on the dress, baked down to the controls. Base setup uses the Frame44 tool box by Chris Mead, with a fair amount of modification especially on the centaur to make the quadraped body and biped torso play nice together.

0:51 Creature Rig/Skin Showcase: Showcases multiple creature rigs and skinning. Spider rig completely from scratch and game ready. World/Local switches on the legs to handle animation needs. Big ox thing used Frame 44 tools to create a new quadraped rig, with extra sim bones and controls for the fur. The gryphon uses a previously built rig for Crowfall, but the rig had to be scaled down for the game, and we skinned a new model on to it with some extra controls for eyes and the jaw.

Music is Radical Dreamers, played by
IkuinenOnni (

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