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Amelia Chenoweth Lookdev Reel 2021

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All visual effects work done at ILM and Tippett Studios as a Technical Director and Sequence Supervisor. All work done with ILM proprietary software and rendered with Renderman, unless otherwise stated.

00:04 Rango: Creature and set lookdev, hair groom.

00:14 Tippett Studios, in progress project: Terrain and set assets layout, lookdev, shader development and lighting in Clarisse.

00:23 Rango: Sequence supervisor; creature and set lookdev; shader development and
water simulation effects, sequence and shot lighting.

00:55 The Mummy: Custom shader effect development, lookdev, lighting and comp.

01:02 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End: All effects, lighting, comp, Black Pearl ship and sequence environment lookdev.

01:08 Men In Black II: Sequence supervisor, lookdev, shader development, sequence/shot lighting and comp.

01:13 Pirates of the Caribbean Disney Ride: Show lookdev and shader conversion for all assets from Renderman sl shader format to katana networks for Renderman; lighting and comp.

01:18 Rango: Creature lookdev.

01:21 Star Wars: A New Hope, Special Edition: Creature dev, lookdev, shot lighting, comp and paint.

01:24 Twister: Cow and fx lookdev, shader writing and rigging; all effects; all lighting; all comp and paint/roto.

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