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Alan Stevens intro 3 keys to greater profits

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As we approached COVID employees across the globe were just engaged in their work. The impact that had on productivity left far too many businesses in very vulnerable positions. And now new research is revealing that more than 80% of those employees who are working from home don't want to return to the office and that's raising questions as to what ongoing impact this will have on the viability of business as we know it.

Hi I'm Alan Stevens, International Profiling and Communication Specialists and my business is in helping people like you to understand and engage clients and prospects to build stronger relationships, enhance presentations and negotiation skills, and increase sales.

Now relationships are the very foundation of everything you do and without building relationships you can't gain trust, and without trust you don't have a business. The quality of your relationships determines how fast your business will grow, and how it will survive troubled times. Now, just like the footings underneath the concrete slab but keep the building safe somewhere your relationships the glue that holds your business together. The old saying treat others as you would have them treat you is no longer valid you need to treat others as they would have you treat them in other words connect with them and communicate on their level and in the way that they each need.

Now have you ever put a presentation together when over it several times and everything sounded perfect but you found when you delivered it you totally missed the mark. Well more than ever before it's imperative that you connect and communicate with others in the way that they want to be spoken to.

I'm going to take you through the skills that I've taught international companies like Gillette and Disney films, and high profile organisations like the Australian Federal Police. Skills that will tell you what makes other people tick. I'm going to help you understand your own personalities and how people see you how to read and understand other people and how to change how you prefer to be spoken to. To match the way that they need to be spoken to. So come along and join us and I can show you some of the most advanced skills in the Science and Art of Reading People

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