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KARSTIC-Action Paintings is an open-ended series of live performance works Nicole Peyrafitte started in 2011. These works explore proprioception (sense of body position) & kinesthesia (sense of body movement), as meeting points between painting, poetry, voice & improvised music. Guided by intuition, & bypassing a range of traditional inhibitions, Peyrafitte investigates the porosity of her own conscious- and unconscious-ness with, as tangible aim & outcome, a strong desire to reveal the immanent “soul” of that moment.

Most often the markings are done with the feet, either in hand-stand or head-stand, and/or with mouth-sprayed charcoals or other natural pigments — hands are rarely used to mark, except for smaller formats.

Each of these events is unique since they arise from & are stimulated by the specificities of site, audience, & the physical condition of the artist.

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