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Act IV HungryGhostsLonger(GraphicEarGuysStart)-MPEG-4 -1

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This quote comes 2/3rds of the way through the project. David's music from the first session at Warren’s studio in Sebastopol unifies the rapid transitions in the story. It glues the pieces into one shift.

Consider this as an update, no need to comment. It's out of its context, near the end of Act III, so please see it twice to familiarize yourself with dancers the audience already knows.

The downward movement of the piano notes downshifts the mood from a frenzy of dancing at the Spa for Hungry Ghosts, to a quiet reflection as two women share tea outdoors under moonlight.

Thank you David Ross! I look forward to hearing the two albums you released this Spring.

Using an on-screen question* reminds the viewer that from the start, this cinema-essay was inspired & structured by the Tibetan Wheel of Life.

Hopefully the question steers us to consider the meaning of this moment in the story - two sisters, far from home, connect. They have both become addicted, one attached to the drug of heroin, the other to the drug of endorphin, and by talking they prepare the next act - when each liberates herself.

*a “distantiation” device purposefully asking the viewer to step back from identifying with the characters (Bertold Brecht)

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