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About David Auer CPA

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David Auer CPA, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the President and Founder of Provident CPAs. The goal of Provident CPAs is trifold. The group helps businesses by helping them grow profitability, increasing their cash, and preparing leaders to exit well with a strategy in a place. David’s organization also includes services such as business advising and tax minimization. Many businesses aren’t aware of the deductions that they are eligible for. Provident CPAs helps groups discover how they can reduce their taxes and cut costs.

David Auer CPA originally earned his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and then MS in Accounting, from Oklahoma State University. Later, he earned his JD with honors from Oklahoma University College of Law and his LLM in Taxation from New York University School of Law. David knew that this extensive education would help him assist his many clients.

David also created the Five-S.T.A.R. (Strategic Tax Advice with Results!) Program™. This program helps people get better control of when and how much they pay in taxes. This helps them create tax-free wealth by setting up a business and investments, protecting their assets, and legally lowering their taxes.

David Auer CPA and his team at Provident CPAs strive to help business owners be proactive about saving money while doing taxes. Most business owners don’t have someone who can actively help them increase savings and build wealth. David knows that when company owners can save money, they often invest that money back into their companies. This action also helps their communities. David believes that professional success will trickle out into the community. Other business professionals will look to their services and be inspired as to how they can create services to meet the community’s needs.

David Auer CPA and his family also prioritize serving their community. He, his wife of 32 years, and his three children enjoy volunteering at events in the community. They can be found participating in projects such as a food drive at their local church, community outreach, or lending a hand in other ways. When his family isn’t helping in their neighborhood, they enjoy traveling. Some of their favorite places to visit include Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and several countries in Europe.

David enjoys sharing his extensive knowledge with others. To keep reading about David Auer CPA and his many insights, visit

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