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@marcussmithfitness left a seriously LEGIT review on my podcast the other day.

Titled: “This is self-discovery packaged in authentic marketing.”

I asked him to record himself reading it because I wanted to use the audio in my podcast. But I’m using the video too cuz he’s jacked and why waste muscle?

I love the review because it points out how the “self-help” or self-discovery/development ideas — (I prefer “self-invention”) — are the foundation of the marketing advice that sits on top.

Cuz, really - you don’t have a “marketing” problem.

There’s really no such thing.

If all of that “inner work” stuff was translating to your results on-the-field, as in giving you confidence, making you more resilient, unlocking creativity, expressing yourself more “authentically” etc — you wouldn’t have to think about “marketing” because people would be throwing money at you to learn what you know.

Or maybe they are?


Either way - I love this.

I don’t wanna be a “self-help” guy, but I definitely love using marketing concepts to create practical action-steps to confront deep-seated fears and insecurities.

Episode 19 of @unusuallyfocused talks more about it. 25mins.

“The ideas I've learned from Ryan have brought me to a place of self-awareness and gratitude that I never knew was possible.

He's self-help packaged in a systematic approach to marketing with authenticity. You can't be authentic until you know yourself, and you can't truly deploy Ryan's strategies of marketing without truly getting to know yourself, your message, and ultimately what your purpose in life is.

He helped me get over my crap by realizing my purpose transcends all my fears and insecurities. My excuses became my reasons to execute, because nothing good ever came out of playing it safe by living in fear, letting things that make you uncomfortable dictate how you live your life.

Ultimately, I love listening to Ryan because he's a man that thinks, and takes his craft seriously. I think it's very important to find people with the best ideas and to drown yourself in their message, you'll capture so many gems in the process.” - Marcus

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