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A Great 1080p Projector!

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I purchased this Xgimi Halo to replace my previous projector in "the man cave". The old projector had a really loud fan, and with the projector being located behind our heads, it was a pain.

So off I went to look for a new projector.

I have a blackout blind in my room, but light seeps through the sides still, so I needed a projector which was good in a light-ish room. The higher the Lumens the better.

This projector is 600-800 Lumens depending on if you have it plugged in to a mains or running off batteries.

Once unboxed, I set it up and turned it on. The usual AndroidTV setup started, similar to an Nvidia Shield. However, the automatic setup in Google Home didn't work; wouldn't see the Halo. Not to worry, I manually set up the WiFi and then the rest was simple.

The projector has a very good user interface, so much so that I'm considering not using my Nvidia Shield Pro as it plays almost everything fine.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video don't show as being available for the Halo, but I believe you can side load them. Xgimi apparently are working on getting the apps approved for use on the device.

So... Keystone Correction. If you use this to centralise the image, you cannot use 3D or Game mode. Logically it makes sense but it does mean that unless you have the projector in the exact perfect place, then you cannot use these features. For me, the projector is behind the sofa so the image needs to be tweaked to project it correctly onto my Duronic 90" Framed screen. Keystone 4 point correction made this perfect... but no 3D movies...

What about gaming? Well, I've not hooked my PS5 up to it yet, but I imagine 60fps will be fine as some of my movie files are 60fps as a test.

When I go into YouTube, the quality is set to 4K which downsamples to 1080p for a slightly sharper image. Nice.

Plex works great - again, playing 4K movies as "Direct Play" so it handles TrueHD / Atmos / DTS / AC5.1 without needing to convert it.

Disney+ also plays without any issues, but I think it defaults to 1080p for quality.

I have not tested the battery life yet as I don't plan to move it about.

At the start of the review, I mentioned how I wanted to replace my loud projector. Well, I can't hear the fans in this one! My CCTV fan is louder than this!

Would I buy this again? Maybe - but only when in a sale as it is still quite expensive.


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