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6/23/2020, workout with Josh

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WGS x5/5
V-Stance Rotations x10/10
Prying Squats w/ Hold x30-60 sec
Alt. Knee Cradles x10/10
Alt. Heel to Butt Quad Stretch x10/10
Alt. High Kicks x10/10

Good Mornings x10
Lateral Lunge x5/5
Single Leg Deadlifts x5/5
Reverse Lunges x5/5

DYNAMIC: 2 Rounds
OH or Goblet March x30 Total
Jump/Air Squats x10
Mountains Climbers x30 Total
Plank Pull Through x10/10

STRENGTH: 4-5 Rounds each Circuit; 8-10 Minutes Max

1A. Paused Box Squats x5
1B. Push-Ups xMax

2A. Single Arm DB Row x8/8
2B. Eccentric RDL (3 seconds down) x8

3A. DB/KB Push Press x10
3B. Farmers Carry March x30 Total

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