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“6” is a performance that consists of six stories, for which the sound is the starting point. The story is developed in the form of a random game, in which the audience, entering the room, throws a dice. The three most-frequent numbers are "played" while the other three are hidden. All the stories take as their starting point the human rhythm associated with the natural environment, in which we function, and arise at the pace of walking. Walking, which sets a slow movement and a careful observation of the surrounding landscape with all the interconnections between its various elements – urban, rural, natural, transformed, or degraded by man. Sometimes a story refers to a specific experience, sometimes it is a collection of insights made at a slow pace of wandering.

These reflections / stories are inseparably connected with music / sound – six pieces created by Robert Curgenven, Marcin Dymiter and Patryk Zakrocki – that become original scripts to which the whole narrative is subordinated.

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