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3D Modeling by Duster

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Final Animation for 3D modeling in DSN S 232

This control tower is meant to be an abstract, gravity-defying, feat of architectural advancement. Something that will only be possible in the future, this structure defies the laws of gravity with the whole top half floating above the base. With its large scale and powerful antenna, in the form of a floating orb, this structure is a perfect tool for any airport personnel in charge of managing air travel.
The base is able to hold all the shops and waiting areas of an average airport while the top half is purposed for offices and air-traffic control personnel.

The materials used for this project are not common-place in many airports of today. The base is made entirely out of titanium and is enclosing a pool of water that is meant to be a decorative touch. The stadium-like top is made out of brick and the orb in the center is made entirely out of glass.

The problems that caused me the most trouble were getting everything to line up, creating the glass orb and centering it on the structure, and choosing a background for my image.
I really enjoyed this project and have learned a lot about the process of creating 3-D images. I definitely plan on using this software to plan out future projects of my own.

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