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Free download 3d Medical Animation Videos | Pharmaceutical Technologies Video | Biotech Videos - Equisolve video and edit with RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio video editor online and AudioStudio audio editor onlin

This is the free video 3d Medical Animation Videos | Pharmaceutical Technologies Video | Biotech Videos - Equisolve that can be downloaded, played and edit with our RedcoolMedia movie maker MovieStudio free video editor online and AudioStudio free audio editor online


Play, download and edit the free video 3d Medical Animation Videos | Pharmaceutical Technologies Video | Biotech Videos - Equisolve.

3d Medical Animations Video | Pharmaceutical Technologies Video | Biotech Video |

3D Medical Animations; One of the most effective ways to convey complex pharmaceutical ideas, devices, and therapies. (954) 217-7281

The Biotech and Pharmaceutical Technologies industries can be daunting to a novice in the field when trying to communicate a complex idea, device, or therapy. You or your company needs to have the right tools to communicate with potential investors, medical facilities, and professionals in the field of bioscience in order to convey this knowledge clearly. 3D medical animation is vastly becoming the tool of choice.

Medical animation brings life to new technologies and medical ideas and processes. A video containing a 3 D medical animation will increase the learning or understanding of the concept 100% more effectively than trying to explain it using graphic media or printed literature.

At Equisolve we focus on creating innovative and creative medical animations that not only captivate your audience, but teach them more effectively and quickly as well. Visual storytelling! Visuals – making complex Bioscience comprehensible Creating a storyboard and following a script that is well thought-out and designed with visuals such as 3D animations with the intent of simplifying a complex idea is how we start the process. It’s no secret that learning through video is much easier and faster than learning through text based media.

Medical animations are a powerful way to convey these ideas. Established in-house capability The right team for the job Creating 3D medical animations requires a professional that understands how to put graphics together in a way that is not only compelling but concise.

At Equisolve we have such a professional; meet Our Emmy Award Winning Executive Producer - Glenn Kesner Glen leads the video studio division and serves as part of the executive team for Equisolve; the most-award winning digital agency for public companies. The Equisolve Studio serves all industry sectors including bio-tech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and technical. From script to final production; Equisolve Studio’s Emmy, Marcom and Webby award-winning team creates highly effective, story-driven video, animation, photography, as well as medical and scientific/medical 3D animations/illustrations.

When it comes to medical accuracy and advice; we stand out! We are not only budget conscious but we strive to completely understand your needs while working side by side with you and your staff – always delivering top notch professional results with no stone un-turned… our Chief Medical Consultant, Dr. Ed Perper, will co-lead client meetings with scientists as well as conceptualize and co-author scripts so they are scientifically accurate yet easy for your target audience to understand. ("National Institute for Pharmaceutical Technology"

The above video is just one example of the many videos we have created for our clients that wanted to have their complex ideas made simple.
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Check it out then give a call or visit us at: Equisolve 2455 Sunrise Blvd Ste 1201, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 Call (954) 271-7281 or Email [email protected]

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