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2021 DigiWave Exhibition Identity

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2021 DigiWave: Exhibition Identity

DigiWave is an annual festival focusing on technology which takes place in Taiwan. The theme for the 2021 DigiWave was video games. How does video game influence our culture? Why are people so obsessed with it?

We used an artistic approach to differentiate the identity from other game expos. The exhibition and identity is filled with color red and blue (two classic colors to separate opposing teams in games) and huge amount of symbolic yet iconic game characters. All of the visual elements were widely used throughout the exhibit: website, LINE bot interface, badges, animation and game interface. The vibrant and flexible identity system made the whole exhibition experience mesmerizing.
Type: Exhibition Identity
Client: DigiWave
Curator: Jay Tseng
Project Manager: Tim Chen
Art Director: Ting-An Ho
Visual Design: Ting-An Ho. Hauzhen Yen, Lynn Chiang, Ruopu Li, Vane Huang
UI Design: Lynn Chiang, Ting-An Ho, Glenn Huang
Technical Director: Hoba Yang
Programmer: Reng Tsai, Hoba Yang, Herry Chang
Hardware Director : Alex Lu
Hardware Executor: Alex Lu, Herry Chang
Sound system design: FEBLOW PRODUCTION
Hardware Engineering : Guan Jia System Technology Co.,Ltd
Spatial Design : SANYO+SANIN
Spatial Construction : U.U DESIGN
Marketing & PR Coordinator : Jolin Tsai, Shuyu Jhuang
SMS Marketing: Jolin Tsai, Shuyu Jhuang, Lily Su
Administration & Operation : Tim Chen, Chia-Wei Lin, AC, Joyce Huang
Exhibition Executor Team : Chia-Wei Lin, Tricia Lin, Karen Lee, Sophie Lee, Andy Huang, Julie Hsieh, Nancy Wang, Annie Chen, Amy Cheng
Exhibition Photographer : Yi-Hsien Lee, Guei Jhen Yan, Kuo Su Tseng, Weber Kuo
Exhibition Videographer : Joseph Lee, fallinjason, JunFu Chen, passer kao
Exhibition Recap Editor : Joseph Lee
On-site exhibition staff: Ruo-Jia, Huang, Wen-Ning, Chen, Hung-Pu, Lee, Wei-Ting, Dai, Cheng-Hua, Lo, Chia-Yu, Chen, Tzu-Yu, Chen, Yi-Jia, Huang, Yu-Chien, Wang, Chia-Che, Chang
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