Our Company



Team of developers, designers, QA engineers, and managers, we are a Software Company that works every day on developing beautiful, powerful, and user-friendly apps, as well as making sure that our customers are success having their users in need of our solutions.

Out team:

  • Miguel Rocafort, founder.
  • Joan Lee, Architect and PHP developer.
  • Juan Flores, Angular developer.
  • Alex Garrigues, System engineer and mobile app developer.



RedCool Media is a software solution founded by Securenet in 2017. It is focused in the development and distribution of web and mobile app software and technologies for Mac OS X, iOS, Windows 8, and Android. Our solutions cover web development, system integrations, business and personal productivity, desktop apps and games.

RedcoolMedia is provided as free of charge. It will be always free of charge as Securenet has enough funds for this project and many more. And we do this because we like it. 



Spain, Madrid, Doctor Arce 43 Avenue, 28002. Servers located in different Data Centers : Chicago, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Toronto and LA.


UPDATE 07/04/2018

 RedcoolMedia has been incorporated into the OffiDocs Company Group ( RedcoolMedia and OffiDocs applications will develop from now as part of a unique strategy oriented to obtain the best end user experience. 

OffiDocs is a flexible and powerful platform that allows you to work online with desktop apps from everywhere at any time using only your web browser. OffiDocs provides you online desktop apps like LibreOffice, GIMP, Dia, ... through your web browser.

OffiDocs and RedcoolMedia has a very similar approach for the app development so we expect to have a lot of benefits of this Company strategy step.