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Shamanism 101 is for you if......

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Hi I'm Ryxi, I am the founder of New Earth Rising

I teach healers and lightworkers to assist the Earth and humanity to reach our next level of evolution through Shamanism 101.

Shamanism 101 is for you…...

If you want to develop spiritual gifts like going to other dimensions where you could meet your spirit animal, or maybe an ancestor or generations of ancestors where you are a conduit for generational healing.

You could even meet and learn from master teachers like Jesus or Gahndi .

Maybe you want to develop your intuition, learn to see with your 3rd eye, learn to lead ceremonies, or becoming a healer….

It’s for you If you have Spiritual gifts and you’ve been hiding out, keeping them secret for fear people will think you are weird and you want to be around others who GET YOU, where you’ll be seen, supported and celebrated!

Shamanism 101 is for you if you feel in your heart you are being called to assist in the transformation of the planet and Her People that's happening right now.

It’s for you If you care about the earth. You see all the pollution on the planet and you want to help heal her in a way that is both powerful and fun?

Shamanism 101 Is for you if you would like to level up and be a part of an Earth grid Shaman tribe representing your local area of the planet where you hold space so there are fewer earthquakes and tsunamis?

If your spirit resonates with any of these reasons for joining Shamanism 101, I invite you to set up a call with me by clicking the button below so we can explore the possibilities of working together. I’m looking forward to chatting with you soon….

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