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SAY YES! (A Berlin wedding photo video styled shoot)

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so we are not so into styled shoot but we decided to do something with our friend Anne ( here in Berlin. Anne has a bridal shop and also a new amazing clothing project to come soon. The plan was to experiment and try to create something different out the shooting day. We have really fun shooting in our flat and also in some spots we love in the city. Farina was our model, she was so lovely and playing the roles soooo well, considering it was such a looong day, we feel so grateful she did everything without complaining (it was hot but then cold but then rain but then hot again but this but that...)..

Even when I didn´t achieve what we really wanted, we are happy with the outcome because we really learn a lot. In my case I wanted to do a more scripted video, we even got real audio from scenes and some text, but when I tried to edit, didn´t work well. We created a text, like a poem and we recorded Farina reading it. It took 4 takes to get the right tone. Probably in the conception, wasn´t clear 100% what I wanted to reach so at the end is more a commercial ads feeling rather than the story we wanted to create. I also add the pictures Monica did to create a whole world of textures and imagery. Lesson learned: Fiction is another league!!

Monica also wanted to create something different. We are not used at all to shoot fashion so this about to make model pose is absolutely out of our reach but still we wanted to create something. Even when the pictures are a little fashion shooting like , we love the textures, lights we achieved. We used medium-format and 35mm.

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