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Any restaurant or nursery worker involved directly or indirectly with either catering or children needs to be concerned about hygiene such as hands. Hand washing is an easy, effective and cost less way to prevent the spread of germs and keeping people healthy. However, wheter it is a waitress working at an busy restaraunt or a toddler fooling around in a kindergarten. People simply forget sometimes the habbit of washing their hands.

However, neither the restaurant manager nor the caretakers can keep track of whenever the restaurant workers or children remember to always wash their hands. Neither can you keep track of everyone with a piece of paper but that’s where we come in.

PaWash is a simple web application aimed towards both restaurant staffers alongside children of all ages. The aim of the application is to remind users to wash their hands regularly to prevent the spread of possible germs.

PaWash can be accessed via smart devices of all sizes. Each button is designed to be big enough that it can even be tapped with an simple elbow touch. This is to prevent the problem of transferring germs from one user to the other.

With the increased demand in maintaining hygiene standards we provide both the restaurant and nurseries the best solution in keeping track of everyone's’ hygiene. Our features include:

• Registration of users as many as required. It doesn’t matter if your facility has 1, 5, 10, 15 or even 500 users. We offer you to keep track of as many individuals as needed.

• Tutorial videos on hand washing as set by both local and international health organisation standards such as Terveyden ja Hyvinnoinnin Laitos and WHO.

• Want to keep track of your facility’s hygiene performance or need an easy way to report such things? Do it easily with a tap with our log history!

• As hand washing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and others from getting sick. Each user’s registered check-in is saved and the next reminder is set to whichever time the user sets it to. Easy, accessible and fast.

….. and we make it fun too!

The best way to teach someone good practices is with a positive attitude and a reward system. That is why we intended from the beginning to gamify the PaWash experience. To make each hand wash easy to facilitate. We are also regularly updating the service with improved user experience and features such as voice activation and score leader boards.

With regular and consistent hand washes on time each user gains experience points, which in return gives points to users. Motivating both the young and the old alike to keep performing good habbits. In effect, it provides safety for workers,saves time and creates a habit of regular hand washing for children as they grow up. Because let us remember that hand washing is a win for everyone, and when everyone wins only the virus can lose.

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