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My Man Boobs Story (Part 2) | So I Have Man Boobs | Gyneco

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In this episode I talk about my experience with gynecomastia, or man boobs.

I have had man boobs all my life and am now sharing my story so that it might help other men who have gynecomastia.

I also go into my plans in how to manage it, a brief description of what gynecomastia is, and how it has affected me personally. I hope this helps anyone that has just recently discovered that they have gynecomastia.

Hi. You should watch this video if you have gynecomastia and you want the perspective of someone who's lived with it all his life. Hi. My name is Chris and I have gynecomastia.


It turns out that I have gynecomastia. It's basically a hormonal reaction occurs when there's not enough testosterone and too much estrogen in the body. You basically make the boobies.

I've had it since I was about eight or nine, but I just thought that I was legit just fat. I started lifting weights. PS, I love it. And after a while I started losing some fat.


But the fat wasn't going away in the chest area.


These things have caused a lot of anxiety in my life. I was always the funny fat guy growing up, don't want to take my shirt off in public, I don't like going swinming. Any excuse that I have to not put this out into display I will do it.

I can't wear certain types of clothing or certain types of fabric. I play the ukulele and I cover ... I'll show you. Because when I play I play up here because I don't want people to see my under boob that sits ran on top of this ukulele like this, which is gross.

So I put it up here. The look of puzzledness that people get when I'm shirtless for the first time, "That doesn't belong there." I don't take off my shirt in public, it's been a source of ridicule.

I was made fun of in school. My posture, my clothing choices, my confidence level, my self talk, my past and present attempts at weight loss, these have all been wrapoed up and these not so little things here.

And I was watching this one video where this guy said that the only option for a man of my age is to have surgery. If you're like me and you just found out that you have man boobs, one in four men will experience this in their lifetime.

And I don't think that we as men are having a proper discussion around this and I just want to provide some information and also to share with you my experience and everything that I'm going through through with them. I'm planning to have surgery to remove the man boobies. I've changed my diet and my lifestyle in order to shed fat. I'm working with a personal trainer as well as a nutritionist to work on a plan that works for me. I hope that you'll follow me on my journey.

My goal with this video series is to help men who've just discovered that they have gynecomastia. I want to educate them with information and also help them ask better questions.

I also want to take the stigma away from gynecomastia for men so that we can actually have a good discussion around this condition. If that is something that you are into, please consider liking, subscribing, commenting, and hitting the bell for notifications. Thanks so much.

Thank you for watching this video.

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